Paul Nuske 🐷(Facebook Pervert)🐷 Melbourne, VIC – AUSTRALIA

Hey all you ladies out there…BEWARE!

We have ourselves a real smooth operator here!!!

A sex addicted narcissistic psychopath who claims to have performed exorcisms…!
He goes by the name of Paul Nuske…!

He tries to sweep women off their feet by using his charm …
He does this by sinfully using Christianity to lure women, pretending to be the perfect man with good morals, and values, but that is only until he is rejected…!

Well that’s when he shows his true colours by sending women disgusting messages, and pics of his private parts…!
He tries to get women to meet him in a motel room…!
He is one very desperate man..
You would think it would be easier if he just hired a prostitute, but it seems that he enjoys the challenge of seducing lonely older women..
He is a disgusting, evil human being…!
This creep is nothing but a dangerous imposter who is most likely married…!
You would expect this kind of behaviour from a dumb, immature eighteen year old, and not from a fifty year old …!

Here is his Facebook profile:

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