Michelle Flynn — Huber Heights, Ohio

Michelle Flynn is a Manager at Domino’s Pizza and she goes by the name of Michelle Rose. Beware of Michelle Flynn is a bad tenant. Do not rent to this woman!! She has people living there that are not on the lease. We were horrified to see the condition of the home. she is very smooth talker destroyed my nice house in 15 months left garbage piled up after I ask her to leave she told me she will be out on Monday and she was. her do to no payment of rent and Damage to this home was extensive, from b****y tampons lying all over the house and cigarette burns in the carpet to huge burns on the countertops, holes in the walls, somehow she even broke shelves in the refrigerator! Light fixture knocked off the wall! How one person could do so much damage in just 15 months is beyond me? The aftermath of the expenses was SCARY! Don’t judge someone by their cover…this tenant was a monster! There were 9,000 dollars in damage to my house… She had multiple cats and dogs that left behind a lot of dog and cat p**p all over inside and out of house Cats carry a parasite called toxoplasma gondii. She has p**p in the bathtub and on the floors only thing I can say is to watch the video. Humans exposed to cat feces and infected with this parasite can develop mental illness, as this parasite migrates into the brain. Some of the symptoms of toxoplasmosis are an unhealthful attraction to cats, an “immunity” to the smell of cat urine, and strange behavior. … the broke 4 windows while they were there!!. We did go through the court system and filed a suit against her, even winning, but she has completely avoided paying us one penny she was told to pay. DON’T RENT TO HER unless….you need the money so bad that you are willing to put that much back into it to repair all that she destroy! This woman is the worst tenant I have ever seen in my life. Please do not rent to this woman if you know what is good for you. I have every right to broadcast her identity to the world and ruin her reputation. Please like, comment on this video, and share it on social media. If it goes viral, it could generate enough revenue to reimburse me for all the money I’ve spent fixing this house. Landlords beware!!!! Also, she is a homewrecker and a cheater has 8 to 9 men over to have s*x with them all the time here is the story about this filthy woman. Michelle Flynn tells the wives (of the married men she f***s) that she heard they were having issues, and fails to realize that she is the main issue because she is getting all the men that is married to have s*x with her. Different man, same issue. Tell her he is married and it goes over her head, on purpose, any excuse will do to get her feet up in the air or wrapped around someone else’s husband. She knows he’s married and doesn’t like the competition interfering with her dirty work.
Name Michelle Flynn
D.O.B. 09/29/1987
Address: 6879 Marose Dr., Huber Heights, OH, 45424
Home Phone: 937-580-8032

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