Marsha Eileen Storey Miramachi’s fattest ugliiest cheap trashy gutter trash homewrecking slime ball

She posts crap on Facebook about having a married mans last name January 25th, but lies to the wife’s best friend and claims that she has had a new fuck since Christmas
Yet when Marsha spoke to the wife, she said that she lies about her Facebook to “keep the wolves away” Marsha Storey is such a trashy whore.
This chick, Marsha Eileen Storey has no respect for anyone…. Her mommy and Facebook friends dont know what she does but that shes a sad excuse for a female!!!
She has been trying to wreck and break up relationships knowing damn well when men are in one!!!
What type of female would stoop that low? The trashy whore Marsha Eileen Storey thats who!
Marsha Storey is thinking shes hot sh1t and all the men want her … sadly its far from it!!! Its just that youre an easy lay hun, you apread that stinky thing for any man and should keep your legs closed and stay away from guys who are dating or married. For your age you would think you would have some respect but clearly you dont and you should really grow up and keep your nose out from where it doesnt belong you worthless trashy slore. Marsha Eileen Storey is just a fat ugly pig with a meaty sloppy cunt that uses fake phoney “trick shot” pics to catfish married and dating men. Face it honey, you are pushing 350 and you should keep that slimy dirty kitty under wraps, the poor guy had to puke after trying to lick your cunt, ever heard of soap and water Marsha,? You gotta feed a man booze and drugs to make him vulnerable to your whore ways. And dont be advertising all over Facebook when you are fuking married men. Think the wife and kids wont find out when you post all over Facebook when you are fuking a married man?? Go drag your sorry fat ass back to the gutter (kitchen greasetrap) where you belong and leave my friend and her husband and his family alone you stupid whore.
And Jennifer, dont keep harassIng his wife…. you claim you were there when he fucked the cunt off Marsha but yet he said that he couldn’t get past the shmaggma and stink of her cunt. Beware Miramachi, Marsha Eileen Storey is worthless lying coward slimy redhaired pig cunt that will try to sachet her ass up to family members of married men and then be devious lying treacherous home wrecking whore, she is trying to find her way out of the maritimes and into BC. Hun, keep your homewrecking whore slag ass in New Brunswick.
And Marsha, don’t go running to Mommy to have her message my friends husband anymore, unless you want to keep adding fuel to the fire.
Stop messaging my friends husband, stop messaging his son, stop having your oldwhore friends messaging my friend, stop messaging his family you stupid fat cunt!
But then again she aint that smart if the only job she can get is cleaning greasetraps. is a naming and shaming website for the dishonest persons, cheaters and Street Yo Yo'ers!

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say that this poor excuse for a woman was trying to fuck my brother. She lied to me and used me to get close to him. And she knew that he was married.
    She cheats in her own boyfriend.

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