Katie Skinner & Jade Bearham — Sussex, United Kingdom

I was with my ex for nearly 4 and a half years. I had known him a few years before then, thinking he was a good person. Katie was the first woman who tried to wreck us. She had previously declined his advances the year before, but they had stayed friends. When she heard he was with me, she got obsessed and “confessed her feelings” to him, knowing full well we were together. She would always invite him over when she had the house to herself and I obviously grew suspicious! After she had told him she “had feelings for him”, KNOWING he was with me, he claims he told her he wasn’t interested because he was with me. She carried on flirting right in front of my face. I knew exactly what she was doing and as soon as I asked her to stop, she went full blown crazy on me, tried to get other girls to threaten me, and went running straight to – yup, you guessed it – HIM and he yelled at me…

That was my first red flag! So, me being a naive 17 year old, tried really hard to make friends with her for his sake. Stupid, yes. But he claimed they were just friends. All the time I was ‘friends’ with her, she was slagging me off to other people. A friend’s birthday party drew even more doubts… He spent much of the night dancing with her because “she was getting so much unwanted (yeah right!) attention from other guys, and only felt comfortable with him.” Supposedly he was ‘protecting her’. Then they disappeared into the beer garden for ages to ‘chat’ alone. When I walked out there with some friends later, we spotted them and he could barely look at me. I was told by a mutual friend ‘not to worry about it.’ She tried multiple, very sly things to try and get his attention. She continued to flirt, but I was told to be cool so I didn’t upset him. The final straw was when he told me that she had badmouthed my colleague and friend (who was in a relationship with her older brother!), and said friend asked me if it was true. I said that that’s what my then-boyfriend had told me, but I wasn’t 100% sure because I wasn’t there. That afternoon, Katie had blamed the entire thing on me and gone crazy once again and tried to come to my workplace to “confront me”, but never did. Then she went running straight to my then-boyfriend and managed to twist the whole thing to make it sound like I’d said something out of spite! He then yelled at me AGAIN, gave me the silent treatment and threatened to dump me. She got exactly what she wanted… Until I gave him an ultimatum and a reality check about her! (With the help of his sister.) Katie acted the victim once again, but he stopped speaking to her. She spread more rubbish about me, and claimed to have kissed and slept with him. All of which he denied for the next two years. I found out after we broke up that it was true!!!! And now for Jade. He and she had gone out in year 8 or 9 of school, but then she had dumped him and they remained friends. Very close, touchy-feely friends. For the first three and a half years of our relationship, she wasn’t really around. She was also studying abroad, and I had no issues with her. In fact, she had always been nice to me, and had stood up for me before which I really respect her for. To this day, despite everything, I can’t hate her. I hate what they did and I hate him. When she returned to England, they met up a lot, which I didn’t mind to be honest, as he had always maintained they were only friends. Plus she really didn’t seem that interested in him, and I believe she was dating someone else? Fast forward a few months, and I started to grow suspicious… Someone claimed he’d seen them dancing together at a club. And he had gone clubbing without me a lot – it wasn’t ever really my thing. But I put that down to people gossiping and stirring things up. I spoke to him about it, and somehow we got onto the topic of how he didn’t see her that way, and even slagged off her kissing skills to me, stating that she was a bad kisser. I wasn’t exactly thrilled at him playing me and her against each other like that… Also his sister hated her guts (which is hilarious because now she’s pretty much brown nosing her lmao?) He didn’t say very nice things about Jade, in reference to her kissing skills, and how they weren’t compatible etc. Anyway, fast forward to when we broke up (I should add that he dumped me for having an illness I had no control over, and HE couldn’t cope with it!?) Plus, he made me miserable and was emotionally abusive. We’d stopped having sex and I didn’t trust him anymore. Anyway, his sister accidentally dropped him in the sh*t… She accidentally let slip that he was already with someone else. I later found out that whilst we were still together, at his 21st party, he had made out with her… And had kissed her after dropping her home from the pub once. He’s now engaged to her and they’re planning their wedding. Good luck Jade, and I mean that. Don’t ever go through anything heavy, because if my experiences are anything to go by, he won’t be able to cope with it and he will blame the entirety of it on you and be an unsupportive shit bag. Also the fact he badmouthed you in a romantic sense is just disgusting, and then to end up with you is the ultimate hypocrisy. Also, he was spying on my social media LONG after we split, and he was asking friends to “keep an eye on me”, not to mention spreading hurtful and false rumours about me and the paternity of my daughter (my now-husband’s), and how I had “faked” my pregnancy to “get him back”. Loser. I’m married now so I’m happy, but I’ve bottled this up for a long time. Both of these girls are home wreckers. One is a vile evil sl*t but the other is a nice girl who deserves better. Can’t believe I just said that.

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