Jeffrey Michael Musser – Report Cheating Online

Jeff Musser born July 28, 1977 is a narcissistic sociopath! He uses women and destroys their lives! He is 42 and has been married and divorced 4 times. He has cheated and abused every woman he has ever been with. He is a ConArtist, compulsive liar, cheater, pedophile, thief, mentally, emotionally and physically abusive! He will tell you he graduated from McCombs School of business and played basketball for UT but he NEVER went to college! He ordered a fake diploma and transcript online! He is a complete and total fraud! His whole life is a lie! He owns. I thing but the clothes on his back! He has over a million dollars in federal tax liens! Beware of this man… he is dangerous and will literally destroy your life and not care! is a naming and shaming website for the dishonest persons, cheaters and Street Yo Yo'ers!

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