DIANE BANDY IS IN THE NEWS AGAIN!!!. Diane “diANtinatalist” Bandy from Wexford/McCandless, PA is in the news again over her sick, disgusting behavior. This time is isn’t because her house caught on fire and she killed a bunch of dogs. But it’s just as sad and morbid:


Diane’s grotesque yard display of severed doll heads only represents what she wants to do to your babies! She wants to cut off your babies’ heads and add them to her fucked up collection! This psychotic, narcissistic, train-wreck needs to have passport revoked, for displaying such terroristic behavior. This nutcase also needs to be locked away and shouldn’t be allowed to drive or travel anymore. Diane Bandy is a threat to society.

“Existence is disturbing”, she says. Shut the fuck up, Diane! You’re disturbed. Mentally disturbed. You LOVE existing. And you LOVE life, otherwise you wouldn’t be flying everywhere, traveling first class, and living life to the fullest. You’re just a selfish cunt! You only want to travel with peace and quiet, without seeing or hearing any children, because YOU HATE CHILDREN!

If you don’t like seeing kids out in public, then STAY THE FUCK AT HOME!

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