Corrupt Attorney Janee D. Joslin – Virginia Beach, VA

This lying, corrupt family lawyer wrecks homes all the time, in family court! DO NOT HIRE!!!

Janee Joslin is the epitome of evil. She is appointed by a corrupt judge in the Virginia Beach court system, to oversee the welfare of innocent children. Ms Joslin is biased towards shady fathers and humiliates the innocent women, for whatever twisted reason.

Ms Joslin gives children to abusive father’s over and over again. I don’t know how she looks herself in the mirror. Janee Joslin is a spineless individual! She is best compared to the historical figure Heimrick Himmler – Head of the Nazi SS. Ms. Joslin, herself is a sexual deviant who was disbarred years ago for sexual misconduct with a woman client, who was sexually abused, prior. Who appointed this Joslin demon over children is beyond me! She is a sadist who gets off on power and corruption over innocent people. Not only that, but she is a raging lesbo who knows nothing of being a mom. This foul woman is a truly twisted person who loves wrecking homes and destroying families. is a naming and shaming website for the dishonest persons, cheaters and Street Yo Yo'ers!

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