Christina Sharp — Oklahoma

Christina aka Kristi and Cotton Candy is back on the loose. She goes by many names because she does not know her own identity and thinks she is a famous porn star when she really just has been a stripper under names like Jadie for over ten years. No. She’s not rich yet. She is selling cheap used cars on the south side at a place she claims she owns. She still says she owns a credit card processing company since she thinks people will leave other merchants for her. She has the oddest mouth and teeth so horse face is very bizarre to claim she’s a famous celebrity or model as she seems to do around Oklahoma. I think she forgot she lives in a Oklahoma and has terrible credit. She owes everyone money and cannot keep one decent relationship or friendship. She is jealous of anyone she meets because her body is not feminine and neither is her face. She constantly complains that her exes and guys she hooks up with use her for sex only and ejaculates in her mouth and treat her badly…yet she sleeps with everyone. So what do you expect?A stopper with bad credit who thinks everyone wants to be her. She constantly complains her friends like Kendra is a skank who uses too much plastic surgery and she says her other friends are this or that. I’m confused when she will grow up. I guess not since she’s on various websites as an floozy and is heavily on meth. is a naming and shaming website for the dishonest persons, cheaters and Street Yo Yo'ers!

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