Brent McKinney — Arkansas

This POS I was friends with for like 6yrs before we dated. Led me to believe he was shy, quiet and innocent. We moved in and about 4mos later he started hiding his phone and texts from old school girl “friends”. For about a month he lied to me that we needed to save money because of work issues, then his friend villas picked him up one afternoon and they all went to Vegas to sleep with women and floozys. The friend was married at the time and took his son so wife wouldn’t suspect. I took him back like an idiot because he came back crying. Then about 6mos after that suddenly his “feelings changed” then a few mos later they “changed” again. Come to find out it was only when he tricked a lady to sleep with his unattractive self. Theres soo much more he’s done like leaving me while pregnant then moving when the baby was about 3 days old to Vegas. Claimed he didnt know but he had signed up to move with his cheating friend months before. Friend left wife and is now with mistress in Vegas. Brent is drd trying to get with me while sexting others. is a naming and shaming website for the dishonest persons, cheaters and Street Yo Yo'ers!

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