If you know PENNY THOMAS SAGO( you should be warned )…
Penny lives in Coweta, Oklahoma and resides at 14995 S.279 East Ave, 74429. She can also be reached at 918-260-6884. Penny is a real piece of work. She will scam and sweet talk men to get anything she wants. Food , money, trips and a handy man to cut the grass and work on her house. Growing up Penny repeatedly slept around with multiple men until she meet her first husband but that only lasted a few months because PENNY couldn’t keep her legs closed and contracted an STD and her husband ran as fast as he could. Even though she accidentally got pregnant that didn’t stop her whorish ways. Now she was on the hunt for husband number two. Witch she did find but that didn’t last long either. PENNY continued sleeping with multiple men threw both marriages. Now popping out two more babies that still didn’t stop her from being a W***e. Her second husband (Eric) Lester Sago left her as fast as he could also. Now that she was all alone she became a devious liar and thief. She worked at a bank that she repeatedly stole money from only to get fired. Then she managed to get a job at BridgePoint electric and there she used the corporate credit card for her personal gain along with the pike pass she was issued for work purposes only. She was then fired from there also. PENNY then thought if all the guys in her area didn’t want anything to due with her STD a*s she would look else where. She then started talking to a guy she know thirty years ago who was married for 25 years with a family. She sent him nude pictures of herself and told him only after ONE week of talking to him that he should move in with her. Apparently he was taking a medication that he had a reverse affect from. So not thinking clearly he drove twelve hours only to get there and walk into the biggest pig sty he ever seen. She was the biggest slob ever. That night she walked around naked and with her FAT A*S and her crazy looking t**s it was not a pleasant sight. She was trying to seduce him. The next morning being the w***e she is , She grabbed his d**k and hopped on-with no protection knowing she has an STD. But didn’t get him off. But she didn’t care. The second day he noticed she popped pills like candy and asked him to drive her around to multiple doctors trying to get more OxyContin. Along with the pills she also loved her alcohol. While he was there she got ahold of his wife’s information and pretended to be her and closed out all her credit cards. This b***h is a straight out lying thief of a w***e. She’s very in debt and has liens and bankruptcies again her. She also contracted HPV from her not using protection. Penny also is a big thief and stoled 2000 dollars out of his suitcase.. Like it wasn’t enough she talked him into getting a Costco membership and got 300 dollars worth of food for her fat ass. PLEASE BE WARNED OF PENNY THOMAS SAGO. SHE WILL DRAIN YOU MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY AND FINANCIALLY.

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